Cases & Parts

Here you will find all the mounts and parts for our specially designed and developed iPhone motorcycle and scooter case system. Each one has been carefully created and constructed by us here at Twisty Ride and our helpful manufacturers (they are the people who decipher what we’re talking about and make it a reality). This means that all our iPhone mounts and parts for motorbikes and scooters are of the highest quality and will last for many happy miles.

We have all sorts of iPhone mounts and parts for attaching your smartphone to your motorbike or scooter and keeping it full of juice. Each one is made of the best and strongest materials and is easy to fit, even if you’re useless at DIY.

Brake/Clutch Reservoir Cover Mount

From RAM Mount, the brake/clutch reservoir cover base can be used with any of the Twisty Ride iPhone motorcycle systems. It fits over the reservoir cover and the 1” ball can be centred or offset so you can position your phone in the ideal manner. It is made of die cast aluminium and a moulded rubber ball so it lasts and works well.

Universal Handlebar Mount

This iPhone mount is quick and easy to install on the handlebar. It can be securely tightened so you don’t have to worry about it coming lose while out on a ride. The mount allows you to tile, rotate and lock the iPhone case as required to keep the screen in view at all times. It will also help to dampen shocks and vibrations from the road so your iPhone does not get bashed about.

Fork Stem Mount

For bikes with a fork stem this is the ideal mount. It can be used with any of our iPhone cases and is easy to fit – just attached inside the steering head tube and tighten the screws.

Scooter Mount

Designed specifically for scooters, this mount has a quick-release system so the phone can be easily and quickly removed. It is secure and easy to fit and can be mounted to the mirror stem for ultimate flexibility.

iPhone Charger

We also developed an iPhone charger as we realised that there is no point having your phone in view if it runs out of juice on a long ride! The charger can be used on motorbikes and scooters and there are versions  for iPhone 3, 3G, 4, 4S and 5. It is easy to set up and the cable won’t get in your way as you ride. Best of all there is an easy to find on/off switch to avoid draining your bike battery.

iPhone Case

Our iPhone cases come in 3, 3G, 4 and 4S and a 5 version to give a snug fit for all models. They are made of strong, tough plastic to protect your gadget against the elements and gravel or stones thrown up from the road. You can still use the screen and access all the buttons (when you are stopped, of course).

Our iPhone motorcycle and scooter mounts, chargers and parts allow you to keep your phone handy while on a ride and even use it for navigating or just listening to music. Each item has been specially created by us and is made from top-notch materials. Everything comes with a one-year guarantee.