It's like the story of the hippo. The hippopotamus is not born going -“hey cool beans, I’m a hippo!” So he tried to paint stripes on himself to be like the zebra, but he fooled no one. And then he tried to put spots on his skin to be like the leopard, but everybody knows he’s a hippo. So one day, he looks back at his reflection in the mirror, and says “Hey, I am a hippopotamus and there is nothing I can do about it.” As soon as he accepted this, he lived life happy. Happy like a hippo. You understand?

At Twisty Ride we want you to be happy like a hippo. If you are not thrilled with your purchase, you can return it at ANY TIME as long as it’s UNUSED and in SELLABLE CONDITION (check the exclusion checklist just to be on the safe side). We will gladly refund the item or exchange it. We’ll also refund the standard carrier cost for shipping the item to you as long as it’s returned within 14 days since we dispatched the goods. Please note that we do not accept returns for tank covers as they are made to order just for you, sorry.

We won’t ask you any questions but you’re more than welcome to provide feedback on what you didn’t like in your purchase and what could have been better. We take pride in making sure that our gears and services make our customers and users happy. And we want you to enjoy them to the fullest. This is our Hippo Guarantee.


It’s easy. Just follow the steps.

  1. Make sure your item(s) is unused, still has its original tags and packaging. If you return a product in UNSELLABLE CONDITION, we’ll ship it back to you and we will NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH a refund. Sorry, we know we’re a bit mean. If ensure, check out the exclusion checklist just to be sure.
  2. Pack your product(s) back in its original packaging and parcel. The original parcel has got all labels required by our hard working gorilla to restock the item.
  3. Pack the original invoice in the parcel as a proof of purchase (i.e. original invoice) is required for all returns. We do need this information from you before you seal the box.
  4. Email us at or fill out the Contact Us form to keep us in the loop. This will help us to monitor the process and make sure we complete it as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  5. Send the parcel back to us via your preferred carrier to the following return address:

    Twisty Ride Ltd
    Unit 39C
    Lancaster Way Business Park

    Ely, Cambridgeshire
    CB6 3NW

    Be sure to get tracking information for your package since you are responsible until we receive the items. We can’t accept liability for items lost on their way. Also, make sure you keep a copy of postage cost if you’re eligible for free return. Sorry for the boring details.

  6. We will proceed with the refund or the exchange as soon as we’ve received the product and our 500-pound gorilla confirms that it is UNUSED and in SELLABLE CONDITION. If this is not the case, the parcel will be sent back to you with no refund or exchange. Sorry for being mean.

Please do Contact Us if you have any questions or need help.


Simply send the original item(s) back to us following our return process. If you return your goods within 14 days of purchase, we will also reimburse the original postage cost with the following caveat:

  • Orders placed with a non standard delivery mechanism, i.e. any express delivery (e.g. next day) and any shipment outside of the EEC, will only have a partial refund of the initial shipping cost. This is because non-standard delivery is a service in itself. The refund will be the money equivalent to a standard EEC shipping (UK for orders made outside of the EEC).

 The cost of returning the goods is not refunded. 


Simply place a new order at for the new item(s) and send the original item(s) back to us. We’ll credit your card the same day the goods have gone through our receiving process. To send us back the product(s) simply follow our return process.


Easy peasy - you can cancel an order up to the day before you receive the dispatch email. Just Contact Us and we’ll sort out the rest for you. If you wish to cancel it on the day or after you have received the dispatch email, simply follow our return steps.


We are unable to refund or accept the return of:

  • Used items – such items are not resalable not least because of safety concerns. We strongly recommend you do not remove tags/protective stickers or go out on your bike with your new gear until you are completely satisfied that you do not require a refund. We classify items as used if any seals and original hang tags/protective stickers are removed or if it shows signs of wear.
  • Original packaging – in order to return the item, they must be packed in the original parcel as it contains all the tracking information required by our gorilla to restock the items in our warehouse.
  • Proof of purchase – the original invoice must be included as a proof of purchase. We cannot accept the return or exchange items without the invoice proving the purchase.
  • Items damaged in transit – sending items back in their product packaging only is not enough; items to be returned should be properly protected on their journey back with all the packaging we used to send it to you, including the product packaging and the corrugated outer box. If you send it back any other way you risk the item becoming damaged in transit and consequently you will lose all or part of your refund.
  • Made to order articles – items such as the tank covers that are made to order cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • Sales items - items from our "Sales" section cannot be returned unless they are proven defective. They are on sales because we would like to finish our stocks.

If you return a product which doesn’t follow the guidelines and falls into the exclusion checklists, the parcel will be sent back to you. No refund or exchange will be done. Sorry for being mean.


Please return a damaged, defective or incorrect item within 14 days from the date we dispatched the item from us to you. Please send all the warranty information that accompanies your item as this will be needed should there be a fault. Upon receipt of the item we will check its state and, depending on your choice, issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item or exchange it.

If the item becomes defective after 14 days
In case the item has become defective after 14 days it’s been dispatched from us to you, please use the warranty information that accompanies your item to contact the manufacturer directly. You can also contact us to obtain any information related to the item you bought.

Freedom is choice,
Twisty Ride